AROMA 1990
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Company Aroma1990 was established in 1990, after many years of experience of its founders Dinić Vasilije (1936-2007) and Dinić Ratomirka in management positions in the chemical industry of the former Yugoslavia, as one among the first private companies established at that time.

As the first company in Serbia that started the production of fragrances for cosmetic purposes - soap and detergent industry, as well as the production of food flavors and colors for the food industry, its activity since year 2000 continues to expand towards the production of dessert toppings, ketchup, hot chocolate, spices, iodization and packaging of salt, food flavors and colors for home use, fillings for bakery and confectionery.

Since 2013 company "AROMA 1990" singled out (as a founder) new company "Aroma Krusevac", which continues the program fragrances for detergent and cosmetic industry and program of food flavors and colors, while the company "Aroma 1990" focuses its predominant activity at the production of dessert toppings, hot chocolate, ketchup, fillings, confectionery, food flavors and colors for home use and instant coffee products (2in1, 3in1).

That quality is required for survival in the market is well known to the employees of "AROMA 1990" from its foundation, and it is confirmed by the possession of the necessary internationally recognized quality certificates, and as a result the company "AROMA 1990" obtained the production of the brand products (dessert toppings and hot chocolate) for major world trading chains like METRO CC Serbia Serbia and DELHAIZE Serbia.